Oh Lord, How Excellent
Winslon Greggs and The Voices of Abundance Reminds everyone just "How Excellent" is thy name!

Going All the Way
Men of Destiny Performs "I'm Going All the Way"

Lord You've Been Good To Me
The Voices of Abundance sings Lord You've Been Good to Me

I'll Say Yes Lord
Gloria Curry (Youth Talent Hour) & Pastor Diamond

The Blood Still Works
The Voices of Abundance Reminds the City that The Blood Still Works

There Is No Way
There truly is no way we could live without our Father. The Voices of Abundance, lead by Datril Hutchinson blesses with house with this simple reminder

Lord, Keep Me Day By Day
The Men of Destiny Sings "Lord, Keep Me Day By Day"

I'm Free
We opened to a full praise and worship, allowing God to bless us in a way that only He can. The Men of Destiny performs "Im Free"

If I Have the Faith
The Voices of Abundance performs "If I have the Faith

I Choose to Worship
Bro. Harris along with The Voices of Abundance performs "I Choose to Worship."

Days of Elijah
Bro. RaSaan Harris performs with Voices of Abundances "Days of Elijah"